Platform and Issue Positions

Core Platform

Fellow students!

Our names are Dylan Perfect and Emily Warren, and we are running for President and Vice President of the ASOSU. As the current Coordinator of Government Relations and President Pro Tempore of the Senate, we bring valuable experience from both the executive and legislative branches of ASOSU. The vision behind our campaign is simple: Every student has a right to access an affordable and fulfilling education, free from poverty, unmanageable debt, food insecurity, or institutional bias. As ASOSU President and VP, we will always strive to protect this right by prioritizing accountability, transparency, and representation.

By maintaining 24/7 open forums for feedback and suggestions on our website, as well as livestreaming town halls and congressional meetings, we will increase access and opportunities for student input. For those who cannot be involved in ASOSU, we will expand outreach by increasing ASOSU attendance at events and through regular canvassing, our goal being to seek out underrepresented students and ensure their needs are met.

ASOSU has the power to hold OSU accountable for maintaining its policy goals, starting within our own organization. In the ASOSU Senate, we have supported resolutions pertaining to environmental justice and medical/reporting amnesty for drug and alcohol overdoses. As President and VP, we will continue supporting policies and initiatives that matter to students, especially those who make up the most vulnerable communities at OSU.

Making students aware of ASOSU’s role on campus is vital for us to properly represent and serve all students. We will start by improving ASOSU’s presence at Welcome Week, as well as our educational resources on social media and the ASOSU website. We will continue to provide monthly video updates, upload weekly meeting minutes to the website, and maintain a strong social media presence to share upcoming bills and resolutions. In the hiring process, we guarantee ASOSU positions will be well-advertised and accessible to the entire student body.

There may be only 37 students in the ASOSU Congress, but we represent all students and every student must have their voice heard! Each year the ASOSU Congress allocates nearly $26 million dollars in student fees. As President and VP, we will work to ensure student fee dollars are managed responsibly and equitably. Low-income students, LGBTQ+ students, students with disabilities, student veterans, non-traditional students, student parents, and students of color all face barriers to accessing education. Recognizing the privilege we bring into our positions, it is our job to ensure everyone affected by our decisions has a voice and a seat at the table.

We will work for real change centered around the social, mental, physical, and academic well being of ALL students. When it comes to the big decisions, every student needs a voice. By maximizing accountability, transparency, and representation, we can improve partnerships with community resources and improve access to critical fee-funded student services. Our voices are stronger when we stand together. Remember how powerful your vote really is!


Go Beavs!

Issue Positions

Reform of Student Fees & Process
Meal Access & Nutrition for Students
Support for Tuition-free Higher Ed
Support for Measures to Reduce or Eliminate Student Debt
University-wide Carbon Commitment
Advocacy for Climate Legislation
Living Wage for Student Jobs
Equity and Representation
Health and Wellness Initiatives
Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention
Universal Medical and Reporting Amnesty
Menstrual/Hygiene Products in Campus Restrooms
Structural Reform of ASOSU Congress
Shared Governance Agreement
Capital Construction Projects
State Capital Investment for Student Fee-funded Buildings
Support for Faculty and Student Unions
Live Streaming ASOSU Events
Student Body Visibility Campaign