We'll put students first.

Dylan Perfect & Emily Warren
for ASOSU President & Vice President

What does ASOSU actually do?

As the recognized student government of Oregon State University, ASOSU has a number of responsibilities. What many students may not be aware of is that ASOSU oversees every penny of the Incidental Fee. Across all students, that's more than $26 million dollars!

As candidates for ASOSU President and VP, we, Dylan Perfect and Emily Warren, want to make sure students are put first in prioritizing where this money goes. Currently serving as the Coordinator of Government Relations and the Senate President pro tempore of ASOSU, we bring years of experience into understanding how the process really works.

By advocating for progressive, student-centered policies at the University, local, and state level, we can work to lessen the burden upon students. When the total cost of an in-state college education pushes past six figures, it is fair to ask why the persistent problems of financial, food, or housing security exist. While ASOSU might not be able to solve all of these problems, we can be part of the solution.

What's your plan to put students first?

Our detailed platform and policy positions are available here.